The Other Place – Houston Press Review

Alley Theatre press scenes for The Other Place on 10-20-15 in Houston, Tx. photos by John Everett

Photo by John Everett


The Other Place

Written by: Sharr White

Directed by: Don Stephenson

Company: Alley Theatre

Run Dates: October 23 t0 November 15


Read my review of The Other Place for Houston Press at:



One comment

  1. Dan Halabi · October 31, 2015

    Spot-on. The play deals with powerful, even harrowing subject matter yet I never felt emotionally drawn in or involved in more than a clinical way. You point out some of the specific reasons that this engagement fails to occur. (I also related to your comment about the actress playing the doctor, so unconvincing I thought initially she was just pretending to be a doctor!) The play brings up a host of issues well enough to stimulate thought but unfortunately fails to make them resonate in our hearts.

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