The Basement Boys – Review


(l to r) Rene Abdon, Dj Gellatly, Greg Wilson and Jesse Anderson. Photo by: Eric Peters.


The Basement Boys presented by Theatre BSMT

EPCOR Centre Motel

Friday, May 9 – Friday, May 16

Listen to my review of The Basement Boys on CBC’s Eyeopener at



For the occasional theatre goer – Make no mistake, this is not an easy fun slacker comedy. Instead, this  dramatic play takes an insightful and sometimes disturbing look at these 20-somethings still living in their parent’s homes and examines why they are so stuck. There is drinking, drugs, foul language and attitudes and behaviour that might anger you, but it’s all in service of an exciting and at times edge of your seat story where the curve balls will thrill you and the acting impresses all around.  SEE IT

For the theatre junkie – This play is an incredible accomplishment across the board. Owad’s writing is searingly authentic and his ability to throw curves and keep us on our toes all production is thrilling. Fawcett’s smart direction hits you from the minute walk into the theatre and doesn’t let up until the last perfect moment on the play. The entire cast goes to town with their roles with special mention to Greg Wilson who channeled Phillip Seymour Hoffman for his exquisitely realized character. If this is the emerging talent Calgary has to look forward to from writers, directors and actors, the city is in for a treat! SEE IT

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