My Family and Other Endangered Speices – Review


Braden Griffiths with one of the show’s puppets. Photo courtesy of Downstage.


My Family and Other Endangered Species

April 23-May 3, 2014

Big Secret Theatre

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For kids – While the narrator is a nine-year-old boy and wonderfully geeky and sweet and frustrated in a way any child could relate to, the show does have some disturbing elements that may not be appropriate for the little ones. Downstage recommends this show for kids over the age of twelve. I recommend that every kid over the age of twelve (or less sensitive younger ones) go see this fantastically entertaining, funny and smart show. SEE IT

For adults – This is one of those magical plays that is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. Yes you will find Phin, the nine-year old boy, compelling and no doubt  find many opportunities to laugh in this show, but you will also delight in the deeper messages and emotions this intelligent play offers. SEE IT

For the occasional theatre goer – Don’t let the fact that the play is about a nine-year old or has sci-fi elements put you off. This is a tender, emotional, funny wonderful play with fantastic performances that will leave you satisfied on all levels. SEE IT

For theatre junkies – Splendid adaptation and wonderful acting aside, this is a phenomenal production. Simon Mallet’s incredibly stimulating direction  allows the performers to play both the same role/multiple roles seamlessly. Riley Miljan’s oh so clever set design moves and morphs and becomes whatever configuration is needed to tell the story. Alexandra Prichard’s lighting sets the tone spot on in every scene and greatly contributes to the visual beauty of the show.  Braden Griffith’s band of alien puppets capture our hearts or purposefully repel us in the beautifully integrated fantasy scenes. Top to bottom, this is a must. SEE IT

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