The Diary of Anne Frank – Review

Anne Frank

The cast of RosebudTheatre’s The Diary of Anne Frank. Photo credit: Kelsey Krogman


The Diary of Anne Frank

March 28 to May 17

Rosebud Theatre

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For fans of the book – While the play doesn’t capture the literary prowess and imagination of this precocious young teen, it does give full life to situations that can only be described on Anne’s pages. So it’s a bit of give and take in this gorgeous production that sees many fine performances but an Anne that is too perky to be completely engrossed by. MAYBE SEE IT

For The Diary of Anne Frank newbies – This is a 60-year-old play that still is relatable and relevant. We can all imagine the horror of being locked in at attic with 7 other people in fear for your life and terrified that someone may hear you. But the real draw of the story is Anne, who managed to remain hopeful throughout her ordeal. While the production may do Anne some disservice, overall this is a very good introduction to her story. SEE IT

For occasional theatre goers – The story may be familiar but you will not find a dull moment in this production thanks to a magnificent set,some very fine acting and a few laughs amongst the ultimately tragic story being told. SEE IT

For theatre junkies – It’s odd to say forget about Anne when watching The Diary of Anne Frank but if you are willing, there are some outstanding performances in this eye-catching production. While Director Paul Muir may have faltered with getting his Anne to really resonate and once or twice goes in for some terribly hackneyed staging (the final attic scene in particular), the majority of the direction flows effortlessly and shows a real talent for navigating a small, stagnant set. MAYBE SEE IT


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