A Bomb in the Heart – Review


Ishan Davé in Wajid Mouawad’s A Bomb In the Heart. Benjamin Laird Arts & Photo.

A Bomb in the Heart

February 5-8 & 11-15, 2014

EPCOR Centre Motel


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For occasional theatre goers – The non-linear nature of the show in combination with the overly poetic/mystical writing may frustrate and confuse you. Still there is no denying the talent of the performer and the incredible production design. MAYBE SEE IT

For theatre junkies – Frustration may also be your feeling as you  work your way through an overwritten script that tries so hard to be allegorical, it threatens to pull a mystical muscle. However, if you can focus on Ishan Davé’s effortless performance, Simon Mallet’s deft direction and Erin Gruber’s terrific video projections, you’ll be well-rewarded. MAYBE SEE IT

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  1. Ellen Leavitt · February 11, 2014

    Thanks, Jessica. This is one of the current shows that caught my attention and was on my “maybe see” list. Still on my “maybe see” list. I’ll let you know if I get there. – Ellen

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