Calgary Critics’ Awards Nickname Announced

It’s official and it was unanimous – the new affectionate nickname for the annual Calgary Critics’ Awards is:

The Critters

It made all of us smile with its cleverness. And  no, at no point did we think the nickname was submitted by say, a disgruntled actor that we possibly reviewed a little harshly who was now likening us to vermin-like creatures. Although I’m sure this sentiment has been thought of all of us many times this past year. By the way – I hope that my rat/weasel effigy at least has a pink bow and some lipstick!

Instead, we chose to embrace Critters as a smart and sweet nickname that will easily stand in for Calgary Critics’ Awards when that is just too much of a mouthful to say or write.

So congratulations to Ian Leitch who submitted the winning name – we hope you enjoy Rick Mercer on June 22nd.

And many thanks for the hundreds of other entries we received. It was very touching to hear your enthusiasm for our new awards and we appreciate you taking the time to submit your ideas.

Watch out for our nominees on July 18 and mark your calendars for the awards ceremony on August 1 at the Auburn Saloon.

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