Magnetic North – Preview

Magnetic North Theatre Festival: Canada's National Festival of Contemporary Canadian Theatre in English

In just two days, Magnetic North -Canada’s National Festival of Contemporary English Theatre – will kick things off here in the city. This is the first time this 10 day festival has been held in Calgary and while I’m exhausted just looking at my schedule over the next while, I’m excited to see what is being touted as the best shows in new touring Canadian theatre.

As an added bonus, it will all be new to me! I have not seen a single one of the productions elsewhere so my choices for what to see are being made through a combination of personal interest and those productions I think carry the most theatrical importance. I may see things that are brilliant and I may miss the best show of the bunch (dem’s da breaks in the whirlwind of these kinds of theatre festivals) but as much as I can predict, I’m happy with my choices. I will be seeing six plays and one presentation by the time the whole things is over, and of course I will be posting next day reviews on my blog and two reviews for CBC Eyeopener.

In order, I will be seeing/reviewing:

Oil and Water


In The Wake

White Rabbit



Rick Mercer

For the full schedule/show description please visit

I will be at each production on opening night, no doubt looking progressively more tired at each performance. So if you are there and spot me – take pity and perhaps offer me a STRONG coffee. Or just introduce yourself and say hello.

And of course – I would love to hear what you think of the shows. Send me your comments throughout the festival – what you liked, what I missed, what you could have missed.

Meanwhile – let’s all just be very grateful that we get to experience Magnetic North and know that I’m crossing my fingers for those “blow me away” theatre moments I live for.


  1. Lynn Marie Calder · June 11, 2012

    Jessica – I too will be going to Oil and Water on Wednesday and reviewing the show for my blog. I will be wearing a white dress with big black polka dots, and a piano scarf. Look for me. L

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