Coming up in the next 2 weeks

Forgive the lull in the review action the last couple weeks – I was off on a much-needed vacation – but am now back in Calgary and about to get right in the thick of things. MANY plays to see and review, some for CBC and some just for the blog. There’s a lot on stage right now and I’m trying my hardest to see as many of them as possible. Here’s a heads up on what I’ll be reviewing in the next 2 weeks:

In A World Created By A Drunken God –  Downstage in a co-production with Lethbridge’s New West Theatre presents Ojibway writer Drew Hayden Taylor’s Governor General’s Literary Award  nominated play. It’s not often we get to see Native Canadian playwright’s pieces performed onstage, and Taylor is a clever, astute and sharp writer. Looking forward to seeing how Downstage brings this story to life.

To Kill A Mockingbird – We’ve all read the book or seen the movie-version. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take another look at Harper Lee’s beloved story. Especially when it’s renowned Canadian actor RH Thompson paying Atticus Finch, the central character in the play. Theatre Calgary presents this production that apparently calls for 30 audience members to be  seated on stage to watch the play. Hmmmm….wonder where my seat will be?

The Highest Step In The World– The folks at Ghost River Theatre promise to once again wow audiences with their unique blend of technology and theater in this true story of Joseph Kittinger, a man who jumped from a high-altitude weather balloon in the name of science. With stage design that blends projections with flying technology, the play features an actor that soars above the audience in flight. The play premiered in February 2010 as part of Alberta Theatre Projectsʼ PlayRites Festival and won two Betty Mitchell Awards that season. I missed it the first time around and am curious to see what all the fuss is about.

Penny Plain – This story of  a woman who blind, but hears plenty about the state of mankind is the latest creation from Ronnie Burkett, one of Canada’s foremost puppet theatre artists.   Described as part gothic thriller, part apocalyptic drawing-room comedy, it will no doubt be an evening of theatre to remember.

For CBC Radio’s Eyeopener I’ll be reviewing To Kill A Mockingbird on Oct, 17 at around 8:20 am  and Penny Plain on October 24 around 7:40 am.  And of course you can read reviews of these and all other plays I see right here on the blog.

Theatre season is in full swing. Get out there and experience it!

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